The Committee


Stephanie Mason is a colourful explosion of adorable. A beauty and lifestyle blogger at Jeneara, it is not hard to fall in love with Stephanie. An experienced event coordinator, Steph brings her own unique set of skills and expertise to the organising committee. Her bubbly nature and can-do attitude is also backed up by her skills as a costumer and designer.

A big fan of Asian beauty products, Stephanie has a deep love for all things adorable. From fashion to beauty packaging to cute stationery, Stephanie is the person to look for if you have a sweet tooth!

As an attendee of the very first ABC in 2011 and a committee member since then, Steph has now taken over the reins of the Adelaide Beauty Conference.

You can keep up with Stephanie on Twitter here: @jeneara


DSC034251Jennifer is your go-to girl for all sorts of questions, or better known as ‘questjen’, her blogging alter ego. Jen is knowledgeable in many areas as she is armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Pathology and Pharmacology and is on her way to securing another, majoring in Marketing. A beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger for over 4 years at, she’ll never run out of things to share.

Jen is particularly passionate about cosmetics and skincare ranging from low end to high-end, Western to Asian brands and standard to super-cute packaging. Highly influenced and inspired by the glamourous Korean-Pop idols with their creative, out-of-this-world makeup looks and outfits for their music videos, Jen is always keeping up-to-date with the latest crazes and trends on an international level. She’s bound to know about something before it becomes cool!

With her experience in organising and hosting events in the past, Jen makes a great addition to the ABC organising committee. Being an attendee since the very first ABC, she has now stepped behind the scenes and her dedication to keep ABC running each year is immense.
You can keep up with Jen on Twitter here: @thequestjen



10695006_10203401335007271_1757355784_nMayanthi Dharmabandu joined the blogging world in 2011 with the creation of Gracious Magazine. Mayanthi started Gracious Magazine with the hope of sharing Adelaide’s unique fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries.

Apart from blogging Mayanthi has a Master in Counselling and Psychotherapy, and after completing her studies in April this year, she decided to join together her dream of becoming a life coach and her blogging life with the creation of The Gracious Life.

Through The Gracious Life, Mayanthi shares her blogging adventures as well as offering lifestyle consulting and coaching services for anyone wanting to make a change in their lives.

Keep up with Mayanthi on her social media channels by following @thegraciouslife.


Previous Committee

Founder: Celeste Wong, is a teacher by day, and a multi-tasker of horrifying proportions by night. A blogger of 10 years, Celeste has long had a deep interest in writing, learning and sharing of knowledge. Celeste runs two active blogs: Becoming Beautiful and Travelling in Mary Janes, attends fun runs, organizes events and travels between Adelaide, Melbourne and Rural Victoria at a mind-boggling pace.

In March 2011, Celeste set the ball rolling on the monthly Adelaide Beauty Bloggers Meetup to promote network and to offer support to local beauty bloggers. Subsequently, Celeste went on to plan and organise the inaugural Adelaide Beauty Conference.

Celeste adores all things beautiful, and tries as much as possible to divulge the joys she gleans from the world around her. With a deep interest in social media and blogging events, Celeste hopes to bring the spotlight to Adelaide and share the charms of her newfound home with Australia and the world.

After giving so much to the Adelaide Beauty Conference the last 3 years it was time for Celeste to give something back to herself. Passing the crown on so she can refocus on her life and career.

You can keep up with Celeste on Twitter here: @berrytravels


Sherry Woo is cute and lovable. A beauty and fashion blogger at Sherry, you can sometimes mistake her for being shy and quiet. But Sherry does have the gift of the gab, that is, through her fingers. Capable of beating you at any tweet-off competition, Sherry is a sight to behold on the social media field.

Armed with a BA (Communications and Media Management) from UniSA, Sherry has been a long time event organizer and coordinator for various events both here in Adelaide and Malaysia, ranging from small-scale community engagement events to international expos. Her vast experience in the field made her the perfect choice for the role.

On a more personal note, Sherry has been blogging for many years and has run a multitude of blogs ranging from food to beauty to fashion blogs. Rest assured that the documentation and sharing of #ABC2013 is in safe hands: Sherry will be letting her fingers do the talking and our Facebook / Twitter / Instagram feed on the day will not be idle for a single moment!

You can keep up with Sherry on Twitter here: @sherrymint


Kate - Seduced by BeautyKate Knapman has many strings to her bow including being a classically trained Soprano, Business Owner, wife and Mother to 2 teenagers along with being the editor of Seduced by Beauty.

Kate started reviewing beauty products for Beauty Heaven, Australia’s leading Beauty Website, after applying to become a part of their over 35 video trial team in 2010. Less than a year later Kate was awarded the title of Beauty Heaven Video Blogstar 2011 and through encouragement from many around her decided to launch Seduced by Beauty in July 2012. She has been on her formal blogging journey for just over a year – but what a year it has been!

In August Kate was awarded a coveted Beauty Heaven Blogstar for 2013 after having been shortlisted in 4 out of 6 categories. As part of her prize she is honoured to be posting on the Beauty Heaven website once a month for the next year.

Kate believes that there is a niche for honest beauty reviews targeting the over 30 age group. Women want to read reviews of anti-aging products written by someone who has the teenage children and frown lines required to see real results!

Two months after launching Seduced by Beauty Kate attended The Adelaide Beauty Conference 2012 and since then has loved meeting up with the other Adelaide beauty bloggers at their monthly meets and is delighted to be on the organising committee for 2013.

You can keep up with Kate on her Website, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and on YouTube.
monnieMonique Kleine is more commonly known to everyone as Monnie. Having owned a popular dessert business for four years with an online-only business presence, Monnie manages the new 2013 website and desktop publishing requirements for ABC2013.

After sponsoring ABC2011, Monnie found herself more involved in beauty blogging over time. Returning again as a sponsor in 2012 and an assistant photographer for the event, she found it to be a great new creative outlet with some fun new friends and started blogging regularly at Vanilla Silence.

Monnie is also armed with a Diploma of Business and also comes to the committee fresh from her role as Lead Organiser for the successful Cupcake Camp Adelaide 2009-2013.

You can keep up with Monnie on Twitter here: @monnie