Guinot celebrates 50 years this year! Hooray!


Guinot Institut Paris, the french skincare experts in anti-aging celebrate 50 years this year. Founded by French biochemist Rene Guinot in 1963, he introduced a revolutionary professional skincare treatment based on deep cleansing and supplied skincare treatments to Parisian ladies via their beauty salons. An advancement that would not only establish Guinot as a brand, but one that would become a key moment in the history of skincare.

Monsieur Guinot set up the Guinot Laboratories two hours outside of central Paris and designed the first skincare device using galvanic and high frequency currents with specially formulated plant-based products to deep cleanse and oxygenate. Guinot went from strength to strength and the Cathiodermie treatment quickly became known as The Star Treatment in 1972 in London, England, and in 2001 the Cathiodermie had a makeover and the new Hydradermie machine was born.

In 1972 current CEO, Jean Daniel Mondin took over GUINOT. Coming from a strong pharmaceutical background, Mr. Mondin’s contribution of a more scientific approach to cosmetics fortified Guinot as a professional beauty brand. Under his ownership, the company was at the forefront of advances in the beauty industry forging ahead and expanding the company’s production and distribution. All Guinot products are manufactured in Paris laboratories under pharmaceutical standards. The products are then prescribed via the salon therapists who are a vital part of the Guinot family.

In 1990 Guinot began international expansion, establishing distribution partnerships throughout the world of which John Pritchard International in Australia joined the worldwide group.

The Prescriptive Approach

In beauty you have to use the same medical approach that is used with a patient when making diagnosis and prescriptions. Beauty products provide satisfaction only when they meet the consumer’s beauty concerns. Guinot’s ‘prescriptive’ approach allows education and correct solutions for skin concerns by highlighting the expert advice. The trained therapists working with Guinot beauty products have dedicated themselves to looking after their client’s skin, it is their profession. Therefore, their knowledge of skin, their ability to diagnose the state of a client’s skin at any given time and recommend accordingly is fundamental to the effectiveness of Guinot.

Pharmaceutical Standards

A good formula can be designed, but it will reveal itself to be a quality product only if manufacturing is reliable and regular over time. Guinot’s industrial policy is based on the most demanding standards in the medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing field. The Guinot plant meets these standards and is a manufacturing and international logistics platform,that will see its development meet the GMP standard (Good manufacturing practices.)

Guinot is in a leading position with the beauty profession. The close collaboration with beauty salons and spas has helped Guinot develop exclusive treatments ( and devices based on the recommendations of aesthetic professionals. For 50 years, Guinot has maintained its philosophy and skills with its 11,000 beauty salons and spa’s in 70 countries worldwide 1,680 of which are in France accounting for 60% of the French market share. Guinot acknowledges changing times and continues to make scientific break throughs in skin technology remaining at the forefront in salon treatments.

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