People for Plants Instagram/Tweetpic Competition


It’s almost a week since Adelaide Beauty Conference 2013, can you imagine that? ABC2013 seems like so long ago now. *sobs* I really miss the day and I hope you had fun too!

But just because the conference is over, doesn’t mean that the fun is over! Today we will be announcing who the winner of the best instagram/tweetpic competition is. Is it you?

Entries are judged by Christina from The Hungry Australian,
Entries are disqualified if:

  • They do not contain People for Plants products.
  • Submitted late
  • Do not have the correct hashtags of #abc2013 and #pfpgraphy.Let’s have a look at the entrants!

    And the winner is…


    Congratulations to Katye!


    You can pick up your prize from Celeste at the next #ABBM meet, hooray!
    Stay tune tomorrow for the next competition!

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