Sponsor Announcement: Davroe Haircare


It’s October! That means you will start seeing a flurry of activity around here as we finalise our schedule and release it for all of you to oogle over. It is a work of art, really. We have an amazing fun filled day planned!

Our very last platinum sponsor to be announced is the fabulous Davroe Haircare. Proudly cruelty free, Davroe’s mission is “To provide environmentally sustainable, innovative solutions that support, educate and enable people everywhere to achieve hair wellness.”

Davroe Haircare is also very much Australian, and that in itself makes the brand dear to our heart as we always love supporting Australian owned and made, (after all, we did run ABC2012 based on that very theme!)

Davroe believes in superior performing products that makes caring for your hair easy. If there is a hair type out there, Davroe’s covered it in their extensive range! They not only produce gorgeous hair products, but they also do hair care and styling products that will allow us all to reach deep and bring out our best hair day.

Davroe’s product formulas combine the finest quality naturally derived ingredients with the latest in hair care ingredient technology. This includes nutrient rich extracts, vitamins, minerals & moisturizers with Davroe’s unique fortifying complex of multi-weight proteins and amino acids. And most importantly, the all naturally derived ingredients are chosen on proven product performance and not just added marketing appeal. Which is rather important, as you don’t want a product that appeals to your moral stance but does absolutely nothing for your hair. That would be quite the dilemma if that happened!

Davroe will be joining us at ABC2013, and bringing with them a wealth of knowledge on how to work that magic into your hair. So sit back, relax and be prepared to be wowed by the hair geniuses at Davroe!

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