Welcome to ABC2013!

2012 was a massive year with a lot of laughter and smiles all around! But we are not one to dwell on the past for the ABC2013 Committee is back! With some new faces in the mix, the committee has been working hard to bring you a bigger and better conference for all beauty bloggers around Australia.

ABC wants you!
Previously ABC has been limited to Adelaide Beauty Bloggers (with one tiny exception), but 2013 is the year that we are opening our doors to all Beauty Bloggers across Australia. We want you, and we want you to come visit us! Adelaide is a gorgeous city overflowing with food and wine, but more importantly, we want to be friends with you! So come visit us, partake in a day of beauty and blogging fun, and let Adelaide show you just how beautiful she can be.

Early bird registration is now open
Early bird registration starts now. That means you get to book your seat, get a discount and sit back smug in your knowledge that you are now attending one of the most happening events in town on the 26th of October. I also heard a rumour that early birds may or may not get a surprise gift. But you know, that’s just a rumour.

Speakers, panels, games and workshops
We have it all planned out. But we can’t tell you any of it yet. I know, that’s rather annoying especially if you are trying to decide whether or not to come interstate for Adelaide Beauty Conference. We have two words for that: Do it! We will be releasing more information as we lock things in, but for now you just have to trust us. If you don’t believe us, you can definitely wait till more information is available. But if you miss out on early bird registration, or if tickets sell out before you get to them then we’ll just have to see you at ABC2014. And we can’t wait that long, right?

If you are a cruelty-free, organic brand that carries skincare, haircare and cosmetics, we’d love to hear from you. Send us an email at kate@adelaidebeautyconference.com to speak to our Sponsorship Coordinator, Kate.

That’s it, so go forth and register!

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